Our Self-Taught Adult Reading Program

In 1999, we created our Self-Taught Reading Program to give students entering high-school, but were behind in their reading skills, a chance to quickly and easily catch up to their peers!  We wanted to create a fun and fast learning program that they could teach themselves in the privacy of their own home. The program consists of 21 sections... one section to be learned each day.  Depending upon what you already know, a complete reading program (Beginner - Adult) should be finished in 3 weeks... or less!!

We soon learned that 90% of the people purchasing our program were adults.  Many non-readers are making reading too difficult!!  At first, I developed and tutored a flashcard reading program.  But, it was when my husband, Knobby, started drawing his silly pictures for sounds, that we knew he had created a way to "connect a sound to a picture". We learn 4 to 5 times faster with pictures! Each of his pictures was "uniquely created" as a "visual way to connect you" to a particular sound.  It was amazing how fast I could teach sounds with the aid of Knobby's pictures!

We created our program with the hopes that we could help those who had  learning difficulties to read!  With our program, challenged individuals can go over the program as many times as they feel it is necessary.  Most everyone can learn; some just take a longer time to reach their goals.  

When adults purchased a program and viewed the program with younger children, the adults were amazed that their children were learning to read!  One mother of a dyslexic child said that her son memorized all of the pictures with his first viewing... he was special!  

In order to have comprehension, you can't be struggling over the individual words within a sentence!   "The lucky people" easily memorize words... but the rest of us require rules and "the whys" for the way a word is pronounced.  Here is a program for you to enjoy with pictures while you are learning all the phonics you will ever need to know!!

Love to all,
Babs & Knobby

I am very grateful for my job as a model. There is a lot of competition in this line of work, and I have always been fearful of someone finding out that I was a poor reader. At parties that I have attended, they have played games that required reading board cards. While playing the game, I was always worried about having to read out loud a card with a word on it that I would not know. After embarrassing myself a few times, I knew that I had to find a way to become a better reader.

While on the internet, I noticed your program, and I thought I would give it a try. After finishing your program, I have since found out that I was not the only one who needed help with reading. I now find myself helping others read words they do not know!!

I am so glad I improved my reading skills. I have more confidence in myself.